Sacred Mark

Sacred Mark is a job creation project located in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. The project was initiated by Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and a young Bengali female engineer who saw a desperate need to reform former sex trade workers and give them  new hope.

New Beginnings:

The women are first taken to an organization called Probitra which means “holiness” or “freshness of a newborn.”  This name was chosen to reinforce the notion that the women are not bound to their past as sex trade workers.  The name reminds them that they  do not deserve such labels as “dirty” or “filthy.”  Once the women make a firm commitment to stop participating in sex work, Probitra provides them with the necessary training to create and produce handicrafts.

 Education & Training:

Women at Probitra are educated about health and hygiene.  Literacy classes are also offered to women, as well as knowledge about human rights and personal freedoms.  After completing the 8 month program the women graduate to one of the various projects where they can earn a steady and fair income.   Some Sacred Mark projects include: soap making, jewellery making and the recycled sari initiative.

Our Partnership:

At Azadi Project we love collaborating with Sacred Mark for so many reasons!

We are so moved by the opportunities this organization gives to women to rebuild their lives and free themselves from the brutality of sexual slavery.  Women, empowering women through collaborative community initiatives is an inspiring  model that should be emulated everywhere; in both developing and developed nations.

Sacred Mark’s recycled sari initiative is not only eco-friendly, but also beautifully unique.  Old cotton saris are re-purposed to create beads, bangles and bags that are rich with vibrant patterns and colours.  Using recycled saris ensures that every item is always slightly different in colour and design; every piece is always one-of-kind!

The quality of the jewellery created by the women of Sacred Mark is truly impressive.  They are clearly well trained and skilled at what they do. We’re so proud to showcase their work in our collection.




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