Our Story

Farah Ali and Fizza Mir, business partners and childhood friends, share a deep appreciation for cultural heritage  and beautiful design.  Their commitment to social justice and sustainable choices inspired the creation of the ethical fashion brand Azadi Project.

The Azadi Project collection is a fusion of indigenous techniques and original design concepts for today’s style savvy and socially conscious consumer.  When designing the Azadi Project collection, Farah and Fizza combine contemporary elements of colour, pattern and design, with cultural techniques and practices that help preserve the ancient craft of disadvantaged artisans, and showcase the beauty of handmade, sustainable production.

Azadi Project works with talented artisans from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. Their partnership with artisan cooperatives in these regions help them create high quality, stylish, hand-crafted products, while empowering artisans by offering fair prices and wider market access.

Environmentally sustainable design is also a core feature of the Azadi Project collection. The hand loomed technique used to create fabric for the entire collection is a fully manual process that uses no electricity and therefore leaves no carbon footprint.  To minimize waste and reduce reliance on raw materials, recycled and scrap fabrics are also used to create beautifully unique accessory pieces such as necklaces, bracelets and bags. Natural, plant based fibres like cotton and jute are the bases for the entire Azadi Project collection.

Azadi Project aims to provide a fashionable alternative to the mass produced  and over consumed apparel  that too often ignores human rights and the health of our planet.  Farah and Fizza are driven by the belief that a better way is not only possible, but socially and environmentally imperative.