You Can’t Evict An Idea

With forced evictions underway in cities across North America, this has been a week of hostility and violence directed at Occupiers and their supporters.   Throughout North American cities and campuses, there have been shocking images of police brutally against peaceful protestors.  Particularly disturbing, was the recent video of a police officer pepper spraying students that are seated on the ground at The University of California, Davis.  One has to wonder  why the actions taken by our authorities are starting to resemble those in Tahrir Square.

Today, Toronto Occupiers also face eviction.  As politicians and pundits continue to chime in on how this group is unorganized, unfocused, unrealistic, uneducated etc.  I hope people will see through the tired old rhetoric and begin to form their own opinions.

Every positive social movement, every freedom we enjoy today is because people were willing to take a stand (sometimes at great personal risk),  even when it was unpopular to do so.

I wanted to share this beautifully articulated message about the movement.


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