Jandi Bangle

These beautifully hand etched lacquer bangles will add instant drama to your look day into night.



Hand etched lacquer wooden bangle

Black with red detailing

100% rosewood


Size & Fit

Assorted designs

One size

2.5″ Diameter



This item has been designed and created with hand made details that require special care. It may have slight variances that add to its unique appeal.

Dry spot clean only



At Azadi Project we’re drawn to both the intricate beauty of the Ajrak patterns, as well as the technique’s ancient ancestral roots. AAHAN’s Ajrak fabrics are all handmade with a wood block pattern stamp. The accuracy and detail with which the artisans at AHAN create Ajrak fabric is remarkable. Azadi Project’s collection features a number of handmade accessories produced by AHAN’s various projects. AHAN



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