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For Immediate Release:

Toronto’s ethical fashion event of the year where style and conscience unite .


Toronto, ON, Wednesday October 12, 2011 – An exclusive invitation to view Azadi Project’s debut collection and web launch of ethically produced women’s clothing and accessories.  Azadi Project’s fashion line combines style and substance for the socially conscious and environmentally aware fashionista.  Azadi Project’s original concepts feature hand crafted clothing and accessories that beautifully merge contemporary style with cultural elements.

“We feel the Textile Museum of Canada is the perfect venue to launch Azadi Project’s debut collection,” says Farah Ali, Creative Partner, Azadi Project. “Our design concepts strive to highlight indigenous techniques and fabrics by incorporating them into modern day style.”

Ethical fashion made affordable

Azadi Project is committed to ensuring that socially conscious can also mean fiscally conscious.  The affordability of the collection reflects Azadi Project’s promise to enable everyday consumers to make a positive global impact, and look fabulously chic while doing it.

“Increasingly, Canadian consumers are making educated choices about their everyday purchases,” says Fizza Mir, Creative Partner, Azadi Project. “Today’s savvy consumer demands products that respect people and the environment.  Azadi Project is proud to contribute to Canada’s rapidly growing fair trade movement.”

Global shopping at your fingertips.

The Azadi Project collection is available exclusively on our website: www.azadiproject.com , and will also be sold at our debut collection & web launch on November 19, 2011. As well as viewing and purchasing the stunning hand crafted pieces, customers can also learn more about Azadi Project’s partners and the incredible work they do. “The Azadi Project website is our online store, but it’s also our online connection to our customers.  The global minded consumer can learn more about the artisans and the cultural heritage they support through their purchases,” says Fizza Mir.

For more information please contact: info@azadiproject.com



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